Vacationing Alcohol-Free: A Revelation in Travel

alcohol freedom vacation Sep 27, 2023

Hello Friends,

I've just landed back from an utterly rejuvenating trip to the sunny shores of Turks & Caicos. My husband, John, and I decided to splurge and cashed in all our points. We treated ourselves to a first-class flight and an unforgettable stay in a luxurious upscale hotel.

Now, why do I share these details with you?

Because there was a time, not too long ago, when I genuinely believed that an opulent vacation like this would be incomplete without a glass of wine in hand or champagne to toast to the good times. After all, isn’t that flowing alcohol what supposedly makes first-class so... classy? How could I possibly resist the complimentary champagne upon check-in? Or that sunset sail that bragged about its open bar and endless champagne?

But guess what? This trip to Turks & Caicos was different, and oh, so much better! I realized that traveling alcohol-free does not diminish the luxury or joy of the experience, but enhances it in ways I had never imagined.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. She's lost her mind. How can a vacation be complete without a little bubbly? I used to think the same, honestly. But let me share a few of my insights from this trip:

Being Fully Present: Without the haziness of alcohol, I found myself truly soaking in every moment, every conversation, and every breathtaking view. I was there, fully present, enjoying every second.

Boundless Energy: Gone are the days of waking up groggy or nursing a hangover. I woke up early, feeling refreshed and eager to start the day. And guess what? I caught those mesmerizing sunrises - a sight I would've missed had I been in my drinking days.

A New Perspective on Luxury: Luxury isn't just about what you drink; it's about the whole experience. The softness of the sheets, the sounds of the waves, the taste of gourmet food, and the company you keep. Without alcohol, I appreciated these nuances even more.

For those of you considering or curious about how traveling alcohol-free might change your experiences, or if you’ve ever felt constrained by thoughts like "I could never travel without alcohol," I'm here for you. I offer coaching sessions where we tackle these limiting beliefs and help you discover the potential of truly immersive travel.

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