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Let me help you break the detox/retox cycle!


I've been a fitness/health enthusiast for over 30 years. I ran a successful private personal training & Pilates studio, taught a variety of fitness classes & even competed in two figure competitions in my early 40’s. All the while alcohol was a part of all of that, always waiting in the wings for me, ready to celebrate my achievements & get me right back into the detox-retox cycle.


I thought this was normal drinking, all of my friends & fitness peers seemed to be doing it

too….work hard play hard, that was my motto!


I repeated this weekend binge drinking into my 50’s however the weekends were starting earlier & lasting longer. The rest of the week would be filled with me swearing off alcohol, shaming & promising myself I would not binge drink again! I would try to “sweat it out”, hydrate it out, take supplements to help my liver process the alcohol (a myth by the way..), anything I could think of to detox & desperately undo the damage & havoc I knew alcohol was wreaking on my body. All the while experiencing extreme anxiety & depression because I knew this WAS NOT who I wanted to be This was not How I wanted to live!


It wasn’t until I found Annie Grace’s Book, “This Naked Mind”, that I started to understand what alcohol was truly doing to my body, my brain & my spirit! I was able to experience a powerful mindshift making alcohol small & irrelevant in my life! NOW, I AM A SOBER FIT CHICK & LOVING IT!!!


I would like to help you break the unhealthy detox/retox cycle & help you to achieve a true mindset shift from alcohol so you too can achieve your dreams of living a free & healthy lifestyle!!

Winter Scenery


I first met Maureen sitting beside me on a Delta flight.  As she sat, she unloaded several books and a large binder.  Being curious, I glanced over and saw that everything was about Alcohol.  Obviously, I concluded that I was sitting beside someone who had a bad drinking problem and was probably flying off to some Detox retreat.  Boy was I wrong.  As we talked, I learned that Maureen was no longer drinking and was training to become a certified alcohol coach with This Naked Mind, which I am proud to say she has now achieved.  As we talked further, I shared with Maureen that I was wanting to drink less but always found an excuse to "enjoy" those several glasses of wine each night.  Long story short, I signed up with Maureen and she has coached me over the last few months including taking me through The Alcohol Experiment and other books by Annie Grace.  Maureen’s continued education and progressive coaching has led me to the point where I now understand the truth about what alcohol is and how it impacts the brain and our bodies.  Through this journey, I have realized that I no longer need alcohol during the week and if I do drink it is a conscious decision to enjoy a glass of wine with a fine meal with friends and family.


If you are looking to get educated on alcohol and to have a great coach to hold you accountable along the way, Maureen is someone I would highly recommend.  She is a compassionate listener, an amazing person and a great coach.


~Randy from Miami


I love to share my knowledge and passion with others and help them achieve a true mindset shift! 

Take a look/listen at some of the podcasts that I've been privileged to be a guest on. If you'd like me to speak at your event or on your podcast, get in touch!

Alcohol Awareness Podcast - peak custom fitness solutions

Breaking the Detox/Retox Cycle - The Alcohol Free Marriage Podcast


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