Stuck in the shame & blame cycle of overdrinking?

I help you drink less, so you can take back control of your life without labels or willpower!


Stuck in the shame & blame cycle of overdrinking?

I help people drink less, uncover hope for depression and anxiety, break free and find new ways to thrive!

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to help you get through the hardest part of the week (the weekend) without alcohol, and start next week with confidence and a clear head.


I've been a fitness/health enthusiast for over 30 years. I ran a successful private personal training & Pilates studio, taught a variety of fitness classes & even competed in two figure competitions in my early 40’s. All the while alcohol was a part of all of that, always waiting in the wings for me, ready to celebrate my achievements & get me right back into the detox-retox cycle. I thought this was normal drinking, all of my friends & fitness peers seemed to be doing it too….work hard play hard, that was my motto!


I can help you break free.

We will explore your thoughts & beliefs around alcohol and learn how alcohol impacts your brain, body, and life! We will dive into a variety of different tools and methods that help you to finally break free of that destructive cycle.



I love to share my knowledge and passion with others and help them achieve a true mindset shift! ​

Take a look/listen at some of the podcasts that I've been privileged to be a guest on. If you'd like me to speak at your event or on your podcast, get in touch!


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