What's Your Alcohol Mindset?

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Rethinking Your Relationship with Alcohol: It Starts with Mindset

You know how alcohol seems to weave itself into almost every aspect of social life? From those big celebrations and casual hangouts to those moments when you just need a breather or are dealing with stress—it's almost like a constant companion. But have you ever stopped to think about how your view of alcohol really shapes this relationship? It turns out, a lot of it hinges on your mindset:

Which one resonates most with you?

Take a moment to reflect; you might discover how these perspectives are influencing your relationship with alcohol and imagine what life could look like if you started seeing things a bit differently.

Are you closed or open?

Closed Mindset: "Vacations without alcohol? NO WAY!!!" means you can't imagine time off without a drink. It's become a key part of relaxing & having fun for you.

Open Mindset: If you think, "Holidays could be enjoyable without alcohol," then you're open to the idea that fun and relaxation aren't dependent on alcohol.

Operating in scarcity or abundance?

Scarcity Mindset: If you catch yourself saying, "I can't relax without my wine!" this shows you believe alcohol is essential for relaxation.

Abundance Mindset: Believing, "I could relax with a bath, book, or walk," means you see a world full of relaxing options beyond alcohol.

Are you stuck or open to growth?

Stuck Mindset: If "Weekends always involve drinks!" sounds like your routine, it might be hard for you to see any alternative.

Growth Mindset: "I'm open to exploring weekends without drinks." indicates you're ready for change and willing to try new experiences.

Pessimist or Optimist?

Pessimistic: Feeling like, "I can't imagine my life without alcohol," might mean you're viewing your future through the lens of current habits.

Optimistic: Pondering, "I could change my relationship with alcohol," shows you believe in the potential for change and in your ability to make it happen.

Curious about Coaching?
Navigating the ups and downs of your relationship with alcohol can be challenging, and a fresh perspective might be just what you need. Let's chat about what changes could look like for you.


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Remember, the journey to redefining your relationship with alcohol begins with understanding and shifting your mindset. Whether you tend toward being more closed or open, feel stuck or are gearing up for growth, or find yourself leaning more towards being pessimistic or optimistic, the power to reshape your perspective—and your life—is within your grasp.