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What does SOBERFITCHICK mean?



It's not only the period of time that one has abstained from addictive substances or behaviors, but also a state of mind.


Being sober means you are able to feel the full range of emotions without wanting a substance to enhance & or numb them.


It means truly being able to relationally connect with others through vulnerability & being real instead of isolation, secrecy & hiding.



“FIT” has a number of different meanings for me:

As I mentioned in my story I started drinking alcohol to “fit in” and calm social anxieties. Many of my behaviors and actions while drinking were driven by a desire to fit in. I used alcohol to “loosen up” & feel less insecure in social situations…eventually taking on more of a party girl persona fueled by alcohol. Now I no longer feel that way. I am at peace & happy with myself & don't feel the need to compromise myself by engaging in unhealthy behaviors to fit in.

Physical Fitness:

I love working out and challenging my body in ways that are good for me however I was fooling myself by not acknowledging the harm alcohol was actually doing to my body. The alcohol industry lobbies very hard and pays incredible amounts of money to have “drink responsibly” placed on an addictive substance…..there is no other addictive substance that benefits from this type of coverup marketing!

Mental Fitness:

There is a huge link between alcohol abuse and depression. People often drink to numb feelings of depression, sadness and anxiety. Alcohol is a depressant which is like adding gasoline to an already burning fire.

Spiritual Fitness:

My faith in God has always been very important to me! Yet when I was drinking alcohol, I was hiding myself from others and God. I was too full of shame and regret -I felt so stuck because I couldn't seem to “drink responsibly”. Without alcohol I can feel more connected to God and my purposes in life. I now also have the energy and desire to follow through on those goals and purposes such as helping others find freedom from alcohol in a safe, supportive and non judgmental way!


To me Chick is a woman who likes to have fun, who lives intentionally & is emotionally present for all areas of life!"


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